PT. RAJAPAKSI ADYAPERKASA is a manufacturer of world-class quality footwear. “We only know one thing: feet.” The company wants to create versatile, well-constructed, yet stylish shoes that you can wear everyday, every time.

Different shoes were meant to be made for different persona, which is one of the primary reasons that PT. RAJAPAKSI ADYAPERKASA categorizes the products in a wide-diverse range from leather to non-leather product. We wanted shoes, whether ladies fashion footwear or military boots, infant or children, men or women, or even sandals that is wearable. All of our products are defined by a sense discreet with focus on perfect fit, supported with highly skilled & experienced workers and range of production facilities, we believe we can present to you the best.

Trusted to produce some of the world’s renowned brands, PT. RAJAPAKSI ADYAPERKASA is the answer for style conscious yet timeless footwear.

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(PT. Kharisma Indonesia is our subsidary company)

“Fulfilling customer’s expectations by delivering crafted footwear with satisfying service.”